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Published: 30/06/2020

Shopping online in South Africa is increasingly easier and more bountiful. As more shops choose to go online, lots of people are taking to shopping comfortably from their couch.

Why shop online?

5 Advantages of Shopping Online:

1. Being open 24/7

2. A convenient way to view a range of options quickly

3. Product information at a click

4. Having no queues, no crowds and no health risks

5. Delivery where ever you need your goods to be, whenever you need them to be there

So how do you enjoy shopping online safely?

To tell if a website is secure to shop, lookout for:

The padlock symbol in the address bar next to the website address

-An address that starts with https:// has an “s” in it which stands for secure

-A valid site certificate, which can be viewed if you click on the padlock or the left of the address bar

-On some browsers the address bar will turn green

For added peace of mind remember to:

-Check the validity of the company you are buying from, avoid fly-by-nights and look for a history of good offline and online customer service

-Disable the auto-complete form filler on your browser, this way your private information won’t be saved unknowingly

-Always use a secure Wi-Fi connection

-Remember to update your anti-virus and malware software

-Always use a credit card and if you haven’t got one, opt for an EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) payment

-Activate One-Time-Pin or 2-Factor authorisation for online payments when you use your credit card

At Francois Jewellers, we continuously ensure that your online shopping experience

  • Is easy and convenient
  • Is supported by our renowned customer service experts
  • Has a secure payment process
  • Assists you to send beautiful gifts where ever you need them to be

Online shopping with Francois Jewellers brings you all the instore ranges you have grown to love. Original blends of metals, colours and styles. Decorated with stones and designs woven into pendants, rings, cufflinks, bracelets, watches and chains. Customed designed jewellery for life’s most celebrated moments.

Our online store is open 24/7 for you to browse and choose from, with customised options at the click of your fingers.Click HERE to find your perfect choice. Or Contact Us for custom designs or questions

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