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Published: 28/11/2018

There are two birthstones for November, namely Topaz and Citrine. We will be looking at Citrine for this November.

Citrine is a bright and sunny gemstone of the Quartz family, named after the citrus fruit, using the name “Citrine”, borrowed from the French word for lemon or citrus fruit. Its sunny orange-yellow colour is well-known for its warming and calming effect on people. This beautiful gemstone is quite affordable for the beauty it offers, and therefore fairly large stones can be purchased at affordable prices.

History of the Citrine

The Citrine became a well-known ornamental gem as early as 300BC and was then already favoured by ancient Greek and Roman jewellery makers. As early as 1385 the Citrine already had its familiar name and was first recorded in the English language.

By the 17th century, Queen Victoria would make this gemstone so famous that it would even be used by Scottish men in their kilt pins, shoulder brooches, swords and even to adorn their dagger handles.

A few centuries later, during the Art-Deco era, the Citrine would again become famous and sought-after because many Hollywood celebrities wore Citrine Jewellery such as brooches, elaborate necklaces and pieces featuring large Citrine gemstones as centrepieces.

Famous Citrine Jewellery

Angelina Jolie famously gave a Citrine Jewellery piece to the Smithsonian in an attempt to raise funds and awareness for uneducated children to receive schooling through the funds raised from selling her line of Citrine Jewellery.

Where Citrine is Mined Today

Although Brazil is the largest producer of Citrine today, many other sources include Spain, Bolivia, France, Russia, Madagascar, South Africa and more, each offering a slightly different shade and quality of Citrine to the market.

Citrine Colours

Citrine is a type of quarts that offers jewellery buyers lemon-inspired shades that differ in colour from pale yellow to a brownish-orange colour. Similar to some other gemstones, it is possible to lighten the colour or clear up the colour of Citrine by heating the gemstone.

Custom Designed Citrine Jewellery

Because of the variety of colours available within Citrine gemstones, it’s easier to find colours that match your planned Custom Designed Citrine Jewellery. A jeweller at Francois Jewellers will be able to assist you in choosing exactly what you have in mind for your jewellery piece.

If you prefer a pre-made Citrine piece of jewellery, you are welcome to visit us at Francois Jewellers to see the Citrine Jewellery range we have on display in Pretoria, South Africa.

Caring for Your Citrine Jewellery

The most important care advice is, to keep your Citrine Jewellery away from the sun and direct heat and prevent any sharp knocks or dropping of the piece onto hard surfaces.

Custom Designed Citrine Jewellery should be put on after applying your makeup. This will help in keeping the shine and colour of your jewellery.

Mechanical or ultrasonic jewellery should only be used after consulting Francois Jewellers to establish if they are safe or not.

Please ask your jeweller at Francois Jewellers for care instructions or to clean and repolish your Citrine Jewellery before your next big event.

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