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Published: 20/04/2020

Six years of continuous love and commitment to each other! A milestone worth celebrating with a uniquely created surprise. 

This anniversary is traditionary celebrated with iron, candy and Calla Lilies. Iron for strength and candy for sweetness. Contemporary celebrations also include wood as a symbol of a long lasting and solid marriage. 

The purple hues of Amethyst gemstones are primarily chosen for 6th wedding anniversary adornments. The unique hues of each Amethyst gemstone are a result of an interaction between the iron, which naturally occurs in the crystal, and light rays as they pass through the crystal. As an addition to Amethyst, Turquoise and Garnet gemstones can also be incorporated into celebratory gifts.

As a reminder to each other of the passion, balance and the good beginnings of their marriage, gifts exchanged for this wedding anniversary are often nuanced with shades of purple, turquoise and white.

Adorning Her

A bouquet of carefully selected Calla Lilies can be full of meaning. White to symbolise an already successful beginning and a wish for future wedded bliss. Yellow to reflect the gratitude of a life together and pink to show appreciation of your special lady. In place of a purple lily use amethyst, the stone of St Valentine, to remind her of your faithful love and passion. Perhaps, choose an adornment she can wear all year round. A flower inspired ring, dew-drop earrings or an Engelsrufer pendant with Amethyst gemstones?

Adoring Him

Silver is a fun and lively colour. Did you know that when small stars explode, they produce silver? As a metal, pure silver is the best metal conductor of heat and electricity as well as prized as the finest reflector of visible light. Combining this fascinating metal with wood in a ring, creates the ideal 6th wedding anniversary gift for him. It acknowledges his zest for life, while celebrating the strength of your marriage and commitment to a long-lasting loving future together.

Creating Your Cherished Reality

Making jewellery is an art form. One which takes experience, gained over many years, to perfect as well as a large selection of gemstones and metals. Francois Jewellers has over 4 decades of experience in perfecting designs and creating custom jewellery for both women and men. Whichever way you choose to adorn and adore on your 6th wedding anniversary, Francois Jewellers provides a personal experience for each client to make their choices a cherished reality.

Anniversary Gifts – Year 6 

Anniversary Gifts – Year 6

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