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Published: 23/07/2019

There’s nothing a girl likes more than a gift of fruit and flowers from the man she loves. Add to that a Blue Topaz jewellery trinket and you will forever keep her heart, according to legend.

The fourth-year anniversary is celebrated with flowers to demonstrate how the marriage has blossomed. While a gift of fruit illustrates how the relationship has developed and grown, much like ripening fruit.

According to tradition, Topaz is the gemstone of love and good fortune. It is also known as the “lover of gold,” as it is believed to bestow wealth on the wearer. Interestingly, the attributes of the Topaz gemstone are said to be highly effective if set in gold and worn, Cleopatra-style, like a bracelet around the upper left arm.

Topaz is a brilliant, hard stone and it is its colour, and not its size, that determines its value. Topaz is heat-treated and irradiated to achieve its different ranges of blue – the more intense it’s colour, the more valuable the stone. This gemstone is often mistaken for an aquamarine. However, it is far more affordable and therefore an attractive alternative to that gemstone.

We have already mentioned a Cleopatra-style bracelet for the wife but what anniversary gift could she design for her husband?

According to legend, the Topaz stone was one of the five elements that brought protection to the deities. If the Topaz stone was engraved with the image of a falcon, it was believed that the wearer would be given the powers of kindness and goodwill. Apart from those admirable qualities, the wearer would also attract wealth.

What better gift for the man in your life than a Blue Topaz engraved with the image of a falcon. This could be in the form of cuff-links, a ring, or even a tie-pin.

Now, don’t for a minute believe that any of these gift ideas are out of your financial reach. With the help of a professional manufacturing jeweller from Francois Jewellers, your gift can become a reality. This reputable company has hundreds of Topaz stones from which you can choose to match your budget. They can set your Blue Topaz into a golden trinket that will forever remind you of your four-year marital journey.

Just remember to wear your Blue Topaz gift regularly. According to legend, the gemstone is believed to bring fidelity and friendship, two qualities vital for the sustainability of a sound marriage. But, remember, whether the Blue Topaz jewellery is for her or him, it must be set in gold to achieve all of its wonderful attributes!


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