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Published: 07/05/2019

Well, it is two years down the line and your “young” marriage should not have lost any of its lustre. In fact, the flame should be as strong as ever. The desire to give your loved one a memorable gift to celebrate your anniversary should be taking priority.

We, here, at Francois Jewellers, are just as excited about sharing your special day and will exchange ideas about that perfect anniversary gift.

Symbols of the second wedding anniversary

For the traditionalists, the second wedding anniversary is Cotton which represents both strength and comfort. Cotton’s interwoven fibres represent the bonding of a couple’s lives as they become increasingly entwined.

The gemstone is Garnet (or Rose Quartz) and the colour of the anniversary is signified by passionate Red. Garnets are available in a variety of colours but the most common is blood red, perfect for the second wedding anniversary.

While Cosmos and Lily of the Valley are the second-anniversary flowers, so too is the Red Rose. A perfect and very thoughtful gift would be a bouquet made up of all three flowers. Cosmos symbolise beauty and order and, in Greece, is the flower of true love. Lily of the Valley symbolises happiness, purity, humility and trustworthiness, while the Red Rose stands for passion and true love.

Although all things cotton can be gifted – from a pair of socks to a luxurious set of Egyptian cotton linen – the REAL gift should be commemorated with a piece of timeless jewellery.

Put on your thinking cap

Put on your thinking cap and, together with designers from Francois Jewellers in Pretoria, we can come up with something unique for your loved one.

What about a sculpted Red Rose made with Garnets? This would make a unique and unforgettable gift that will be treasured for the rest of your life. The blood-red stone could be shaped into a rose and embedded in a bracelet, a pendant or even a pair of cufflinks.

The Modernist

If you are a modernist, the second anniversary is symbolised by gifts of china. They depict the need for taking care of a relationship which is still in a fragile stage and which can still be easily broken.

Other modern second anniversary ideas could be gifts with a floral theme incorporating Cosmos, Lily of the Valley and the Red Rose, as well as perfumes, plants and scented products  featuring those aromas,

Fan that flame

But it will always be jewellery that comes up trumps when selecting an anniversary gift.  So, why not fan that flame together with one of Gauteng’s premier jewellery stores? Francois Jewellers are specialists in custom design anniversary jewellery and carry a vast array of gemstones. They also stock silver, gold and platinum in which to set the stone of your choice. Their variety of gemstones and metals can be adapted to suit all budgets.

Francois Jewellers have been operating for close on four decades and have the expertise, and the reputation, to ensure that your loved one receives a timeless second-anniversary gift.


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