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Published: 20/03/2020

The Corona Virus can survive up to 72-hours on stainless steel and plastic surfaces. So, it is possible to transmit the Corona virus even if you routinely cleaning your hands but not sanitising your jewellery.

No one wants to forgo wearing their jewellery or watches and there is no need to. Here at Francois Jewellers we have investigated how best to keep you healthy while you sparkle.

Sanitizing Jewellery

If your jewellery is water resistant then it is best to:

1. Wash them in a mild soapy water

2. Rinse with clean water and

3. Dry them before putting them back on

Its recommended that you clean your jewellery as often as you can throughout the day.

Watches that aren’t water resistant can be wiped down with sanitizer wipes.

Alternatively, when using a hand sanitiser gel, spray or wipe, make sure to clean nooks and crannies of your jewellery as, according to Professor Jonathan Ball of molecular virology at  Nottingham University, they can harbour the Corona virus.

Remember sanitiser products are only effective on the Corona virus if they contain 70% or more alcohol.

To prevent irreparable damage, never use hand sanitizer or alcohol on:

– Organic gems, such as Pearls or Coral

– Porous stones, such as Opals or Turquoise

If your gems or precious metals lose their sparkle after they come into contact with a sanitiser product:

1. Wash them in mild dish soapy water to remove residual chemicals

2. Rinse and dry them off

3. Bring them in for a damage assessment and to discuss repairs

Click HERE to get in touch with an Expert to help You.

Or visit us in-store for a professional jewellery cleaning.

The Importance of Moisturiser

With all the cleaning of hands you doing, moisturising to stop them drying out and cracking is also important. Remember to put your jewellery back on only after you moisturise because:

– Lotions can cause a residual build-up on jewellery which can create a germ breeding ground

– Moisture (lotion or otherwise) trapped between your skin and jewellery can become an irritant

– The build-up of products on jewellery can cause unnecessary wear and tear which could lead to the loosening of prongs and lost gems

Keeping Our Customers Safe

At Francois Jewellers we endeavour to keep you healthy by continuously using the best sanitising practices in our shop as well as offering you an online quote experience. You’re also welcome to visit us in-store while you still can for a professional cleaning.

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