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Published: 15/06/2018

The Pearl:

June is the only month with 3 birthstones:
The Pearl – A treasure from the sea
Alexandrite – A stone that changes colour
Moonstone – A stone that seems to glow from within

In this article, we will be looking at the Pearl.
The Pearl is known as one of the wonders of nature. This is actually not a gemstone or even a stone but is produced by oysters and other mollusc-type animals like clams.

How a Pearl is Formed:
A Pearl is formed when a bacteria gets into the soft tissue of the oyster and then the oyster secretes a fluid layer around the bacteria. The oyster continues secreting this fluid year after year, each layer hardening to form a beautiful Pearl. This process produces one of the most sought-after animal products in the world causing thousands of entrepreneurs to enter the market to artificially produce the once very rare Pearl. Pearls are nowadays farmed in salt and fresh water in many countries like China, India, U.S.A., South Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, New Zealand and Russia.

History of the Pearl:
Pearl fisheries were already discovered by Ptolemy in 307 BC and were said to have existed as an industry for centuries before his discovery. Marco Polo also mentions Pearl farms that he visited in 1294AD.

By 1300AD the first Cultured Pearls (Artificial Pearls) were being produced, and today there are so many varieties, colours and options to choose from that we are spoiled for choice, meaning better options for our customers.

Throughout time Pearls have been appreciated for their beauty and ability to glow, in a way. From Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth I, from Queen Victoria to Audrey Hepburn and even more recently Princess Diana appreciated these timeless “gems” and kept these treasures of the sea in fashion.

Pearl Colours:

Pearls come in an amazing array of colours giving you a wide range of choice with these exquisite “gems”. From Grey Pearls, to Purple and Black Pearls, to White or Pink Pearls, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange and even Brown Pearls.
A skilled jeweller is able to help you choose, design and manufacture a perfect piece to spoil your loved one.

Pearl Powers:
From ancient times less valuable pearls used to be ground down and used as an aphrodisiac or remedy for all sorts of ailments.

Pearl Care:

Put on your jewellery after applying makeup and clothing to keep your Pearls as clean as possible. Do not use jewellery cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners as these can damage the shine of your pearls. Even lemon juice can cause damage the shine of your Pearls.
Use water with a mild soap to clean and dry as soon as possible with a soft cloth. Rubbing with a soft cloth is the best way to maintain the shine of your Pearl jewellery.

Pearls are a natural “gem” that can dissolve when in contact with certain chemicals. It is important to ask Francois Jewellers for a suitable care option or drop off your Pearl jewellery at Francois Jewellers for a quick polish before your next big event.

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