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Published: 22/01/2019

The Birthstone for January is the Red Garnet:

The Garnet is a very hard and durable gemstone with many variations in colour, but for January we’ll be looking at the Red Garnet, the Birthstone for January. The name “Garnet” comes from its 14th Century English roots meaning, “dark red”. There is also influence from the old French word, “Grenat” and the Medieval Latin word, “Granatum” which both refer to, “of a dark red colour” and especially from the resemblance of the “Pomegranate” to the Red Garnet, capturing the luscious deep red fruit colour of the gemstone.
The word, “Carbuncle” was also often used with reference to Red Garnets, but it also seems to have covered the description for many red gemstones.

History of the Red Garnet:

The Red Garnet already featured in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. Red Garnet necklaces have been found in the tombs of the Pharaohs, buried with them. They probably thought that their wealth would accompany them into their afterlife.
The Red Garnet was also used in ancient Rome for signet rings of the Elite. They would have various symbols carved into these Red Garnet gemstones and then press their signature into hot wax to seal their important documents.
During the years 23 to 79AD Pliny remarked on how Red Garnets were among the most widely traded gems and in the Middle Ages Red Garnet was a highly sought after gemstone especially by clergy and the nobility.

During the 1500s the well-known Bohemian Garnet deposits were discovered in Central Europe sparking a jewellery industry boom that reached its a peak in the 1800s.

Where Red Garnet is Mined Today:

The Red Garnet is a very abundant gemstone found in many countries but mainly mined in the United States of America, Czech Republic, Greece, Russia, Tanzania, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Namibia and India.

Red Garnet Colours:

Garnets are actually a group of abundant minerals that come in a rainbow range of colours, except for the incredibly rare blue and transparent Garnets. There are even Garnets that change colour under different light conditions, but the majority range from the deep red (Pyrope Garnets) to the vibrant green of (Tsavorite Garnets). The most readily available colour is the beautiful reds that range from rust-coloured to deep violet-red Garnet.

Custom Designed Red Garnet Jewellery:

A jeweller at Francois Jewellers is waiting to assist you in custom designing your next piece of Red Garnet Jewellery. Make your next purchase a Red Garnet ring or earrings. The choice is yours.

You are more than welcome to view our Red Garnet Jewellery range on display in Pretoria, South Africa.

Caring for Your Red Garnet Jewellery:

The obvious care with any piece of jewellery is to prevent any dropping, sharp knocks or rubbing against rough surfaces.

To keep the shine and lustre of your Custom Designed Red Garnet Jewellery only put on your jewellery after applying your makeup.

Please consult us at Francois Jewellers before using any mechanical or chemical cleaners and for care instructions.

You are also welcome to bring your Red Garnet Jewellery to Francois Jewellers to be cleaned and polished for your next big event.

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