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Published: 13/01/2018

Moissanite has many similar physical properties to those of Diamond and will test positive for Diamond when using a thermal Diamond tester, therefore a standard Diamond tester cannot be used to determine if the gemstone is a Moissanite or a Diamond. There are three methods to distinguish Moissanite from other near colourless gems.

  • Using a special electronic tester that distinguishes between Diamonds, Moissanite and Diamond simulants.
  • Using a 10 x (or higher) magnification loupe look for needle-like or micro-pipe type “lines” that typically are perpendicular to the table facet. These “lines” are visible only under magnification.
  • Using a 10 x magnification loupe, determine if you can see the doubling of facet junctions. This is quite difficult and will require some practice.


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