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Published: 04/09/2020

You know her better than anyone else – does she want you to choose the ring or does she want to be part of the engagement ring search? Whichever is your “couple style” there are some universal steps to navigate while finding her engagement ring.

Choosing the Perfect Gem

Gemstones are mostly graded by their clarity, cut, rarity and freedom from flaws. While the value of diamonds is more intricately determined, the beauty and demand of coloured gemstones also has an impact on their value.

There are 4 primary precious gems:

  • Diamonds
  • Rubies
  • Sapphires
  • Emeralds

Often Pearls and Opals are also considered to be precious gems. However, just because a gem isn’t considered “precious” doesn’t make it less valuable or even less rare than the primary precious gems. Alexandrite is often regarded as more valuable than both diamonds and rubies because it is so rare.

Moissanite is a unique gemstone that comes from the stars.  Originally discovered in a meteorite crater, these gems rival diamonds in durability, brilliance, colour and clarity. As they can now be lab-created, instead of mined, moissanite is considered to be an eco-conscious gemstone.

Semi-precious gems, like Tanzanite, are often used in combination with precious gemstones to add a colour sparkle or accentuate an arrangement, such as a flower, within the gemstone cluster. Some of the most widely recognised semi-precious gems are the 12 birth stones. However, there are many more semi-precious stones than just these 12. This allows for an extensive choice in colours and as a result they have become a popular alternative to the four primary precious gems as focal points within the design of rings.

Selecting an Engagement Ring Band

The colour of the ring band rounds off the overall design of the ring. Gold comes in three colours: Yellow, Rose and White. Many couples opt to incorporate two or even three of the gold colours as part of their ring’s design. Platinum is a naturally white metal which does not tarnish and can be finished in shiny or matt. A slightly darker alternative to platinum is palladium. Silver is usually considered not durable enough to be used in a ring intended to be worn daily. It’s wise to find out ahead if she’s has a reaction to any specific metal or a colour preference. Other than that, which metal you select should enhance the overall ring design best.

A Wedding Band

Traditionally the wedding band colour matches the engagement ring band. An engagement ring can incorporate a wedding band into the design by threading it into the ring or more usually the two bands mirror each other’s curves and fit snuggly side by side symbolising Love and Commitment. If she is going to wear two bands on her ring finger, then it’s best to consider how they fit together while selecting her engagement ring. An alternative is for her to wear a wedding band, that could match your own, on her right-hand ring finger. This is a great option if her engagement ring has a particularly intricate design or she has smaller hands.

Custom design or Select?

It’s often assumed that a custom design ring is more expensive. However, this is not always true and the end cost is determined by a number of factors which can be tailored around your ideal budget. If you can’t find exactly what you looking for in our selection of engagement rings, contact one of our Francois Jewellers specialist designers and we will help you craft your vision.

Dos and Don’ts of Measuring her Finger

If you choosing a ring together, then this part of the journey is quick and easy. However, if not there are somethings to remember. The most important is: Don’t guess! There are several measuring systems and many different ring sizes, so play it safer and try one of these five options to find her ring size:

  • Borrow one of her rings that fits her ring finger and take it with you to the jewellers
  • Trace the circle on the inside and outside of one of her rings, do it a few times and then take a few of your best and most consistent traces to the jeweller
  • Ask her friends for help – You could ask them to pop into a jewellery shop next time they shopping with her and try on rings for fun, see what size ring fits whose finger best
  • Compare your fingers to see which of your fingers is closest in size to her ring finger for a potential close estimation
  • Ask her – Depending on how you phrase it you can still surprise her and if she knows it you will have the exact size you need

Remember if in doubt, opt for a slightly bigger fit that can be easily resized. Downsizing a ring is simpler than upsizing one because metal is taken out rather than reincorporated back into the ring.

Enjoy Your Journey with an Expert

The end result of your ring search, should be one that makes both of you smile each and every time you see this special ring. Picking the right jeweller, who listens and understands what you looking for, is a big part of ensuring that choosing a ring is enjoyable and exciting. At Francois Jewellers we have experts to help make this part of your journey a happy memory with the perfect ring ending. Contact us today, we look forward to helping you find or design her ring.

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