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Published: 13/01/2018

Does Moissanite scratch easily?

No. Moissanite is extremely scratch and abrasion resistant. Moissanite is 9 ¼ on the Mohs scale and is the second hardest gemstone used in jewellery after a Diamond.

Can Moissanite break easily?

No. Moissanite is one of the toughest jewels known and is harder than all other gemstones (excluding Diamond) including ruby and sapphire. Based on measurable scientific studies in high pressure research, Moissanite is extremely resistant to breaking and chipping.

Can Moissanite tolerate high heat?

Yes. Moissanite has been tested to temperatures higher than 1000 degrees centigrade. At this temperature, Moissanite remains intact and remains as brilliant as the day it was created. Moissanite’s heat resistant properties are excellent. Endurance Attributes


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