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Published: 26/02/2019

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. What better way is there to build lasting memories than to exchange stunning, timeless and unique gifts of jewellery.

Imagine the delighted surprise of your bridesmaids and groomsmen when you present them with their gift shortly before the wedding – perhaps a pendant for your bridesmaids and a pair of cufflinks for the groomsmen or bracelets for the ladies and tie-pins for the lads?

Whatever your gift selection, you can choose from a wide selection of gemstones and precious metals that can be used to custom make the design of your choice. Apart from platinum, gold and silver, there are stones of various shapes, sizes and colour to suit any wedding theme. Choose from blood-red rubies and deep green emeralds, sky blue aquamarines and deep blue/violet tanzanites.

Naturally, the most important people at the wedding are the bride and the groom. When they slip those rings onto one another’s finger, they are demonstrating eternal love. That circle of gold symbolises infinity as it has no beginning and no end. Clearly, the importance and a carefully selected wedding ring cannot be over-emphasised.

You can create your very own personalised wedding ring from a selection of more than 1 000 diamonds. The stones come in all shapes and sizes, colours and clarities, making it easy for you to work within your budget limits.

You can opt for vintage design, or something more modern. On the other hand, you may prefer a more classic design that is always timeless and in fashion. Then, again, you may be a free spirit and opt for something far more quirky. No matter what you choose, your creation will reflect your individuality and style. Your wedding ring will symbolise the bond that you share with your loved one.

Let’s face it, the options are endless. Exchanging rings on your wedding day is an unforgettable moment and we here at Francois Jewellers are qualified to help you reach a decision. We always go that extra mile to ensure that your choice of wedding jewellery meets all your dreams and expectations.

In the final analyses, little can compare to a personally designed and manufactured piece of timeless jewellery to cement the commitment you make on your wedding day. Let us help you to create that lasting memory. Let us help you to capture that expression of your love with a personalised and timeless piece of jewellery.

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