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Published: 21/05/2019

There is an increasing interest in black Zirconium as a compound for the creation of men’s wedding rings. Apart from the fact that it’s something different, something edgy and something out of the ordinary, black zirconium has many other positive attributes. After all, if it’s good enough to be used in a nuclear power station, or as a component for dental implants and artificial limbs, then it must be good enough to be used in jewellery.

Zirconium is actually a light charcoal colour before it is exposed to intense heat. This then changes its appearance from grey to pitch black. It also transforms the feel of the metal into a lustrous ceramic-like compound.

Black zirconium has many unique qualities

As more fashion-conscious South African men adopt the black zirconium as their wedding band of choice, they are helping to spread the word about the metal’s many unique qualities. These pros include:

    • ο  It is extremely lightweight
    • ο  It is highly resistant to chemical corrosion
    • ο  It is shatterproof
    • ο  It is scratch resistant
    • ο  It is hypoallergenic
    • ο  It is generally more affordable than other metals


Compared to traditional wedding ring metals such as gold and platinum, black zirconium is generally more affordable. Nevertheless, black zirconium is more expensive than metals such as stainless steel and titanium. This relatively new and trendy jewellery metal is, therefore, an attractive middle-of-the-road price option for those couples working to a budget.


Black zirconium has only one major drawback and that is the fact that these wedding bands cannot be re-sized. Re-sizing wedding rings is a common phenomenon, particularly a few years down the road when middle-aged spread is likely to set in! So, this disadvantage is something to seriously consider.

A crafted black zirconium wedding ring

For Gauteng couples on the brink of marriage, there is one stand-out jeweller who can craft you a special and individual black wedding band. With decades of experience, Francois Jewellers in Pretoria will assist you to create a unique back zirconium wedding band.


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