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Published: 20/02/2018

Custom designed jewels by a skillful designer jeweller can produce one of a kind pieces. Leveraging our computer-aided design system for intricate jewelry designs, we’ll draw up some concepts and share detailed colored photos with you along the way.

A classic pendant necklace with a meaningful story behind it. A sparkling engagement ring with a unique beauty that is a true reflection of the bride-to-be. A stylish silver bracelet with a quirky twist. There’s no doubt that custom designed jewellery is so much more special than its mass-made alternatives. We take a look at the top 3 benefits of investing in it below.
It’s One of a Kind

Doesn’t it make you feel pleased to know that your precious ring, bracelet or necklace is a true standalone masterpiece? That there isn’t another one like it anywhere else in the world? And that it has been crafted to suit your unique tastes and personality? This feeling alone is enough to justify spending a little bit extra on Custom designed jewels. After all, if you’re going to spend money on jewellery in the first place, you might as well do it right!

The Quality is Enhanced
Seeing as though you will likely play a large role in the overall design of your chosen piece, you will be able to create as much detail in it as you’d like. Along with this, the jeweller will be more focused on finishing every little edge and curve to perfection because he knows that he’s crafting a piece of art for somebody specific, rather than a faceless hypothetical person. He’ll spend hours upon hours hard at work to ensure that the final product is more than just a piece of jewellery, but an heirloom that tells its own special story, and that can be proudly passed on from generation to generation.

There Will Be an Emotional Connection
If you have ever owned a sentimental piece of jewellery in the past, you will know just how quickly and how strong of an emotional connection you can form towards it. The piece becomes almost like a part of you and is something that you cherish and hold very dear to your heart. With this in mind, can you even begin to imagine how strongly you’re sure to feel about a piece that has been created especially for you? Whether it comes as a thoughtful gift from a loved one, or is something that you have designed for yourself, its value, both in financial and emotional terms, is certain to be truly indescribable.

Custom Designed According to Your Budget
Custom designed jewellery can be manufactured according to your budget. You decide the types of metals and types and sizes of stones you want to use. So a design can be created that will fit your pocket and your lifestyle. Our extensive variety of prototype rings allow you to see and feel the different ring components and styles.

As fashion blogger and photographer, Garance Doré, once said: “Jewellery is a very personal thing… it should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it”. So why not spoil yourself with something that is sure to turn heads? Something memorable? Something uniquely you? Why not spoil yourself with custom designed jewellery from Francois Jewellers?

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