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Published: 15/08/2018

Peridot For August

Originally the Sardonyx was the birthstone of August, but as time progressed Peridot and the Spinel were added. Peridot gradually took over the most popular gemstone for August and is, therefore, our main gemstone for this month.

Peridot is easily recognized by its glowing lime-green colour. It seems to have got its name from the Arabic word for “gem”, “faridat” but some suggest that it could also have been named using the Greek word “peridona”, which means, “giving plenty”.

The beautiful Peridot forms deep within the earth’s crust and is pushed to the surface through volcanic activity and therefore is usually mined from ancient volcanic sites.

History Of The Peridot

Peridot Jewellery dates back to as early as 2000BC in ancient Egypt. These gems were popular thousands of years ago, and still remain popular today. In ancient Egypt, Peridot were mined from a small volcanic island in the Red Sea called Topazios, also known as St John’s Island or Zabargad. These ancient Egyptians also called the Peridot the “Gem of the Sun”.

The famous Cleopatra Emeralds could actually have been Peridots because in ancient times it was easy to get confused between the emerald and the Peridot. Even the 200-carat gems in the Cologne Cathedral, Germany, were actually Peridots even though everyone thought they were emeralds.

Where Are Peridots Found

About 80-90% of the worlds Peridots come from the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona, while other sources include China, Myanmar, Pakistan and some countries in Africa.

Peridot Colours

Peridot Gems come only in shades of lime-green with variation from a yellowish-lime-green to an almost brown-lime-green depending on how much iron was present when the gem was formed. Within these colours one has a fairly wide choice when picking and matching colours of your Peridot Jewellery with clothing, themes, and makeup.

Peridot Jewellery

If your partner is born in August, consider a Peridot Ring, Peridot Cufflinks, Peridot Necklace or a set of exquisite Peridot earrings, or ask your friendly jeweller at Francois Custom Jewellery about the wide range of Peridot Designer Jewellery and colour variation offered at Francois Custom Jewellers in Pretoria, Gauteng.

What about surprising your partner with a piece of Peridot Birthstone Jewellery at an event in August, or arrange your own event to keep the relationship budding. Francois Jewellers has many years of experience in the jewellery design and service industry and are always available to help you create jewellery pieces that are unique.

Caring For Your Peridot Jewellery

It is accepted practice first to dress, apply makeup and then put on your jewellery. Using this method prevents cosmetic powder or lipstick and other cosmetics from dulling or smudging on the jewellery which affects the shine of your Peridot Jewellery. Mechanised or ultrasonic cleaners should be avoided unless your jeweller at Francois’ Jewellers recommends it.
A soft felt-free cloth rinsed with a mild soap usually does the trick to clean Peridot Jewellery, and then use a dry soft felt-free cloth to shine by gently rubbing.

If ever you are unsure of the correct cleaning option for your Peridot Jewellery, please feel free to drop off your Peridot collection at Francois Jewellers for a quick clean to bring back the shine before your next event.

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