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Published: 10/04/2019

Create 1st year anniversary gifts to last a lifetime

Think outside the box for your first wedding anniversary jewellery gift. Although 12 months of marriage is traditionally known as a “paper” anniversary, you can still incorporate that theme into a beautifully crafted custom-designed piece of jewellery.

How can you translate paper into a piece of jewellery, you may ask? Well, you have several choices but, before we delve into that, let’s take a look back over the last 12 months.

The “paper” anniversary

You have survived the first year of marriage, an important milestone that should be celebrated with a display of love. The paper anniversary is symbolic of the fragile threads that make up the paper, strengthening the connection of your marriage. It represents both the frailty and durability of starting a life together with a blank canvas on which to build memories.

Anniversary gifts

Traditionally, first-year anniversaries are celebrated with clocks. Clocks, you may exclaim! But think outside the box. What about a wrist watch for her and a pocket watch for him?

Also, the more modern approach is to commemorate the first year wedding anniversary milestone with something golden. So, with that in mind, what about a locket encased with one or two special photographs (paper) for her.

What about him? Think about a beautifully crafted paperweight, embossed with his name and the anniversary date? What a proud display that would make on his desk!

Anniversary traditions

All wedding anniversaries are commemorated with traditional colours, flowers and gemstones. How are these represented after the first 12 months of marriage?

  1. Colour – gold

Gold will always remain a classic favourite when it comes to crafting jewellery. For the first anniversary, yellow gold is an appropriate choice because of its durability. Pure gold is combined with metals such as copper or zinc to obtain the yellow gloss and this lowering of carat mass strengthens the piece.

  • Flowers – orange blossoms and pansies

The fragrant orange blossom has long been regarded as an aphrodisiac. Used to make perfume, orange blossom has long been a popular choice for bridal bouquets and head wreaths and is believed to bestow good fortune.

  • Gemstones – pearls and peridots

Pearls are priceless. They are known to be calming, to balance karma and to reinforce relationships. They are symbols of generosity, integrity, loyalty and purity.

Peridots are magnesium-rich green gemstones. Regarded as the stone of compassion, peridot is thought to balance emotions and the mind, bringing the wearer good health, restful sleep and peaceful relationships. This bright green stone is also said to inspire creativity, eloquence, delight and good cheer.

Final thoughts

With 39 years in the industry, Francois Jewellers has built an enviable reputation as specialist jewellery designers and manufacturers. This is no ordinary jewellery store. Instead, it is one where craftsmen will turn your fantasies into reality. In partnership with you, we will create a one-year anniversary gift that will last a lifetime of memories.


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