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Published: 18/06/2019

Durable, flexible, resilient, strong and warm – that is what three years of marriage represents. And it is for those reasons that, traditionally, the third year wedding anniversary is represented by leather, a material that displays all those qualities. From a symbolic point of view, these qualities help marriages to thrive.

But in today’s modern times, three years of marriage is not usually celebrated with leather but rather with a more exciting gift of jewellery. This jewellery can be custom-made with one of the three-year gemstones. These are represented by jade, moonstone or pearls. And because this anniversary’s colour is white, so too must the gemstones be selected for their pale qualities.

Third-anniversary gemstones

JADE: White Jade has a translucent white to a light yellow hue. Also known as “chicken bone”, the jade gemstone is regarded as grounding and calming. It brings harmony, luck and peace and is said to protect the wearer from any negative energies.
MOONSTONE: This gemstone is said to be a perfect combination of both feminine energy and that of the moon. As the stone of the mother moon, the moonstone is said to bring balance, calm and peace. It is filled with the sacred energies of the female, as well as deep and healing waters. The pale moonstone also has flashes of vivid rays of blue, gold and purple.
PEARLS: According to myth, pearls symbolise wisdom gained from experience. These gems are believed to bring good luck, protection and wealth and are also known to have effective calming qualities.

Selecting your jeweller

Marrying a manufacturing jeweller to your anniversary gift is no easy task. They must be a perfect fit for your gift to become a long-lasting and treasured item. At Francois Jewellers we believe you have made a perfect choice. With decades of experience in the trade, there are few to compete with our wide range of gemstones and metals – a range that can be adapted to suit all price brackets. With three different gemstones from which to choose, it is easy to formulate a “his and hers” gift of jewellery. For him it could be cufflinks, a tie pin or ring, for her it could also be a ring or maybe a pendant or bracelet.

Remember, each year of marriage represents a milestone. Not only is it a time to renew your marriage vows, but it is also a time to celebrate your wedding anniversary in a meaningful and memorable way.



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