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Published: 27/02/2018

Known as the ‘month of love’, and also being the shortest month of the year, there’s no doubt that February is extremely unique – just like those who are born in it, and its very own birthstone: the amethyst. This gem stone’s stunning, deep purple colour is enough to leave a person completely transfixed, making it a top choice for use in stylish jewellery, from earrings to necklaces and everything in between. Here’s all that you need to know about this special February birthstone, and how to incorporate it into a piece of custom designed jewellery made especially for you.

The Colour Often Varies

Unlike many other gem stones where the colour is generally quite consistent, the amethyst provides a number of different options. While its base is always a deep purple, you can also often find variant stones that boast a bold dash of red, or a mix of both dark purple and a lighter, more feminine lilac.

It’s Said to Have Special Powers

If you’re a believer in the spiritual powers of gem stones, you’ll be pleased to discover that the amethyst is thought to have the power to ensure that its wearer is always of quick wit and able to keep a clear head under any given circumstance.

Silver or Gold Jewellery?

If you’re keen to have an amethyst set in a special piece of jewellery, you’re probably wondering whether it will look best placed in gold or silver. The good news is that the amethyst is a versatile gem and is complemented equally well by both warm and cool colours. In other words, whether you opt for gold or silver will depend entirely on your personal preferences and which one best fits with your unique skin tone.

What Type of Jewellery?

As mentioned above, amethysts are extremely versatile. They are great choices for people with both minimalistic or extravagant tastes. These stones are sure to look stunning when set in anything from large, trendy cocktail rings with plenty of detail, to a basic, simplistic pair of stud earrings.

Caring for Your Amethyst

Keeping your amethyst jewellery in tip top condition is relatively straightforward. Regular cleaning can be done with warm, soapy water, which should be able to lift both dust and oil off of the stone rather effortlessly. However, it is important to keep in mind that amethysts are not as hardy as many other types of stone, like diamonds or sapphires, for example. It is therefore necessary to avoid bumping or scratching the gem on any uneven surfaces in order to ensure a longer lifespan.

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