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Published: 19/03/2019

Drawing inspiration from South Africa’s unique Rainbow Nation, jewellery designers have introduced custom engagement rings with clusters of multi-coloured gemstones. They agree that rainbow coloured gemstones will become increasingly popular as a choice for custom engagement rings.

Designers say that brides are inspired by the seasons, often opting for the gemstones that relate to the month of the wedding. Here is a quick look at the gemstones associated with the 12 calendar months of the year.

  • January – the dark red Garnet
  • February – the purple Amethyst
  • March – the pale blue Aquamarine
  • April – the transparent Diamond
  • May – the bright green Emerald
  • June – the cream Pearl
  • July – the red Ruby
  • August – the pale green Peridot
  • September – the deep blue Sapphire
  • October – the variegated Opal
  • November – the yellow Citrine
  • December – the sky blue Tanzanite

However, this more colourful trend will not dispel the popularity of a girl’s best friend, the diamond. Jewellery designers predict that the ever-popular solitaire will become upgraded, placing the focus more on the setting and on the diamond itself. These modern designs include the use of knife edge prongs to create a delicate and timeless effect.

Other emerging trends are for Art Deco custom engagement rings that marry both the old and the new, while two-stone eternity rings are replacing the more formal middle-set diamond.

Some of the latest engagement ring trends

  • The three-stone custom engagement ring is attracting a lot of attention from couples who want something different and less conventional to signify their marriage. No doubt the demand for a “trilogy” engagement ring has increased because of Meghan Markle. Prince Harry presented her with a breathtakingly beautiful three-stone engagement ring which included two diamonds previously worn by his late mother, Princess Diana. The trilogy ring represents the past, the present and the future of a relationship.
  • Art Deco-style rings are also featuring but with a more modern flair. Vintage designs were often impractical because stones were prone to fall out of worn settings. Custom engagement rings now combine the art deco-style with more modern geometric shapes, allowing designers to layer the structure of the ring. This design can incorporate smaller side diamonds to catch the light and create interesting shapes with their reflection on the other colourful centrally-set gemstones.
  • Rose gold remains the most popular choice of metal for an engagement ring. Its warm colour enhances the gemstone setting and remains a perfect choice for both vintage and modern custom engagement rings.

Despite these emerging trends, jewellery designers agree that the traditional eternity band diamond engagement ring will forever remain popular. However, when eternity rings are combined with more colourful gemstones, they bring a touch of rainbow hues into the world of the modern 21st century South African bride.

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