How is it possible to make a jewellery gift more memorable?

Just the fact that you are considering jewellery as a memorable gift is already one of the biggest statements a person could make to someone. But here are a few tips to make your jewellery gift an even more memorable one.

1. Using Custom Designed Jewellery to Create a Lasting Memory

Ask us at Francois Jewellers to sit with you and create a custom designed piece of jewellery specifically with the person in mind who you would like to gift. When they receive the gift knowing that it was specially designed and crafted for them, it will automatically make their piece of jewellery much more memorable. But how can you heighten the memory for the one you want to show love or appreciation for?

a) Custom Design – Colour

Try to incorporate the person’s favourite colour or colours into their piece of jewellery with their most-loved gem. There are gemstones of every colour and price from which to choose from: Diamonds, rubies, aquamarines, pearls, emeralds, tanzanites and many more. Instead of the person receiving a beautiful piece of jewellery, the memory will also be enhanced because their favourite colour is included.

b) Custom Design – Gold, Silver, Platinum…

What is their favourite precious metal? Gold, yellow-gold, white-gold, red-gold, platinum or silver?

c) Custom Design – Theme

Try to incorporate a shape, animal or theme into the piece. For example, if their favourite place is Paris, to then mention that Eiffel Tower shape be incorporated somewhere into the piece… Or perhaps they love sun-sets or waterfalls, or aeroplanes. These are all themes we can work with to create an additional story to tell when you present the piece, and automatically create a more lasting memory.

d) Custom Design – Presentation

A custom designed jewellery piece needs to be presented in an appropriate box, or even placed in a jewellery box or inside a gift they already love. Please speak to us about our large variety of options available.

2. Presenting your Jewellery Gift in a Memorable Way

a) Try to choose a time or place that already has a memory attached to it… Like a favourite restaurant, or a favourite ballet, or a memorable balloon ride or that luxury train trip that is still on the bucket-list…

b) Try to link this memory to an already well-loved meal with their favourite drink, and of course, their favourite dessert…

c) Create the right atmosphere with their favourite piece of music, or their favourite scene in a movie…

d) If they have a favourite fragrance, try to incorporate this too, with flowers or other fragrances, or wear their favourite perfume…

e) If you are planning a treasure hunt for the person, photos of their passions, dreams, or use some simple plain white cards with, “do you remember where we met?”, or “do you remember the first time we went to…” etc. to help build up to presenting their gift…
In this way, each step through their journey feels like a memory, and by the time you present their gift, they will be able to link all their fondest memories to their new jewellery piece…

Last, but not least… Remember to enjoy the adventure…

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